måndag, juni 22, 2009

Från Huffington

It was apparently taken during a volleyball match between the teams Peykan and Alhelal held yesterday. Iranians wearing green rooted for the number 4 player with the name Mousavi (his first name is Mohammad though). I read in Balatarin (a kind of Farsi version of Digg) that after the police present in the stadium told them that even if there is a player with that name, they are not allowed to shout this name, they started chanting "Rahnavard!" Then the police got angrier and told them if they wanted to watch the match, they had to refrain from mentioning certain names. After this, the slogans changed to, "Liar, liar, you who we can't name!" "Shall I say, shall I say? Say, say! Best team is blue, no, no, no. Best team is red, no, no, no. It's green, green, green!" "Doctor (referring to Ahamdinejad), go away!" Then they raised their hands above their heads and observed a few minutes of silence out of reverence to Neda.

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